Escort Service For College Men Tips

Escort service for college men can be an exciting experience, but it is important to remember a few key things. For example, it is important to be safe and follow campus escort policies.

Be sure to show your escort the money you plan to pay before you start. This will let them know that their time is being paid for and that you are serious about their services.

2. Be Prepared

Once you’ve done your research, confirmed to your satisfaction that the escort is who she says she is, and absorbed pertinent public information about rates, hours, etc., it’s time to make an appointment.

When you meet up, always show your escort the money you’ll be paying her before anything else starts. This is just one way to reassure her that you understand that your time together is a business transaction. It also makes it clear that you’re responsible. She’ll appreciate it. You’ll be rewarded for it.

3. Be Polite

When it comes to escorts, you need to be very polite. You may be a dick but you should treat her like a lady. People who are accustomed to being polite tend to view almost everybody as their superior, even if they feel they’re acting like a complete asshole.

Be courteous, don’t haggle over prices or be coy about payment, don’t ask rude or prying questions, and don’t push boundaries or offer unprotected sex. If she says no, respect her decision. She wants you to be happy and will appreciate a generous tip or gift if you do.

5. Be Honest

Whether you’re buying sex for the first time or are a veteran of the hooker industry, it’s important to be honest with your hired help. Most providers will ask for your name and contact information, as well as any identifying information they might feel necessary to screen you properly.

It’s also important to be open about any sexually transmitted diseases or infections you might have. If you don’t, you could get your escort in legal trouble. And nobody wants that. Especially in this age of aggressive “john shaming” stings.

7. Be Discreet

Buying sex services can be intimidating, especially in the light of recent “john shaming” and aggressive escort stings. Unless you want to be publicly outed or arrested, it is best to be discreet when meeting your escort. Show her the money you intend to pay before you start your time together, or place larger amounts in an envelope for her to see. This lets her know you’re aware that her time is a transaction and she should be comfortable with it..

If she is uncomfortable, it may be wise to walk away.

9. Be Prepared for Sex

Buying sexual services can feel intimidating, especially when you’re not used to it. But as long as you’ve done your research, verified the provider is an established professional, and absorbed pertinent public information, you should be fine. Just remember that while sex may happen, it’s not always the goal of an escort. Some male escorts offer purely non-sexual services such as massages or bondage rope play. These services are perfect for beginners to more experimental sex. A bondage rope is a good starter toy. This can also be a great way to learn to be more intimate.

10. Be Sensitive

It’s important to be sensitive when it comes to hiring an escort. While sex with an escort may be the most obvious service, they are often hired for other purposes as well. Don’t ask an escort to do something that might get them in trouble, and be respectful of their boundaries.

Also, remember that sex isn’t always about orgasms; it can be about building a connection with another person. Make them feel good, and don’t put too much emphasis on yourself. The experience will be much more pleasant for both of you.