My Girlfriend: The Escort

My girlfriend is an Escort and I am fine with that. She gives blow jobs and sexual acts for a decent living, actually for the money that she makes and the little amount of work that she does she makes a very good living. This is enabling us to further ourselves and our relationship; it is setting us up for the future.

It began with a few clients before I had met her – she regularly met with them for hundreds of dollars here and there. She was a student at the time, and still is – and I was curious about how she was living in the means in which she was living. Once I found out I was surprised, yes but concerned no. It was her job, it’s not like she was spending time with her clients outside of their “appointments”.

We began to live together and I did not have a problem with the idea of her continuing on with her job, after all the money was great and when we were done school than she wouldn’t do it any longer. I sometimes wondered if the money.

A lot of men might have a problem with this, but surprisingly I did not. I am not one of the most open minded and sexual guys, and I come from a religious background but this was money was enabling us to live and was enabling us to pay off our debt. Who was I to complain?

There are times when jealousy gets the better of me – like every other man, but we work through it together and come out fighting, but fighting for us. I support her decisions, as she supports mine.

Work is work, and a lot of girls are doing it and maintaining a relationship. Some of the time I even drive her to her appointments. She comes out, and we even talk about how it went. You may ask how I am fine with this – I believe that it takes a strong couple to have a job like this and be fine with each other at the end of the day.

The key to any sexual and successful relationship is to be honest and open with each other. Our relationship was no different and while we were driving we have had some of our most intimate of conversations.

We have a strong and unique relationship. She sleeps with other men and is faithful to me as I am to her. This is our job and we bear the responsibility together and reap the benefits.

This is not for every couple, but for us it works. Although you may have criticism – she has every day free for whatever she would like to do, and lives a life of luxury for a couple hours of work per day!