Sarah Ferguson Reportedly Served as High End Escort

While it would have seemed impossible just a day ago, things are getting worse for Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson as a prominent celebrity reporter is alleging that she has been essentially a highly paid prostitute on at least one occasion.

Ian Halperin reports on his website that a former employee of Ferguson’s has come forward and claimed that Ferguson has traded sex for cash while spending a week on a yacht several years ago with two Saudi oil tycoons. Allegedly, Ferguson received 300,000 pounds in cash in a suitcase. The former employee claims that Ferguson saw it as a “much needed wild time” that she also was able to get paid for.

Coming on the heels of reports from yesterday that the Duchess of York is on the edge and is feared to be suicidal, this bombshell report tonight is sure to send shockwaves through England and Royal Family observers.

It is said that Ferguson is experiencing deep financial problems, which presumably led to her offering a businessman access to her ex-husband in exchange for 500,000 pounds. She has seemingly been able to maintain a good relationship with the Royal Family, and most notably the Queen, even though she and Prince Andrew are divorced. While her late sister in law Princess Diana negotiated a significant financial settlement when she divorced Prince Charles, Ferguson did not force legal action and many believe that is why she has maintained a good relationship with the family through the years.

But this report, if true, would almost certainly end the good relations between Ferguson, the Queen and her ex-husband. It would also be the final nail in the coffin for Ferguson in terms of commercial endorsements in the United States. For years, Ferguson served as the face of Weight Watchers. While that endorsement deal has since ended, she still held the potential to earn a significant income by serving as a spokesperson for United States based companies. None, however, are likely to look kindly upon her involvement as a high end escort or prostitute.

The upcoming days and weeks will certainly prove interesting in terms of what exactly is going on with Sarah Ferguson. Financial problems are one thing, but serving as an extremely high end escort is something else all together. If Ian Halperin’s report proves true and she has offered herself up to the highest bidder, there is simply no telling where Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, will end up.